"Dr. Rodrigo and his team were extremely friendly and welcoming which made the preceptorship experience that much more enjoyable. Dr. Rodrigo's approach to nerve block placement and follow-up of continuous catheters is organized and time efficient. The system is one that can easily be taken back to your practice to enhance your own acute pain service. In just three days with Dr. Rodrigo and his team, my skill level in performing ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks increased substantially. I progressed from being unsure of what I was visualizing and unable to reproducibly perform a reliable block to someone who could not only successfully apply this new skill set, but could also help teach others to do the same. Upon returning to work, my colleagues were impressed with my new understanding of and ability for performing ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks. After attending Dr. Rodrigo's preceptorship, my nerve blocks improved in speed, quality, and, most importantly, in patient satisfaction with a decrease in pain scores. I truly feel that my professional abilities were augmented in a disproportionately-greater manner than was expected."Dr. Justin Scott



"As someone who is new to ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, I was initially intimidated by both the technology and the associated learning curve. But Dr. Rodrigo and the doctors at Roper were eager to teach and managed to even make the experience fun. Moreover, the heavy case-load and the fast pace of their practice allowed me to see that ultrasound guided regional anesthesia was feasible in any private practice. Overall, an extremely informative experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in U/S guided regional anesthesia."Dr. Hershey Tanguturi